QuickLaunch™ is a must have application for every Blackberry owner. QuickLaunch will create shortcuts to most any application or function with ease and style. The menu can be displayed on top of any screen so there is no more backing out of an app and navigating through folders to find icons. Quick, easy access to what you want to do wherever you are!

      QuickLaunch makes multi-tasking a breeze! I can switch from an app to a picture to a document and back to the app... just click-click-click!"

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      QuickWeather updated to v1.8 QW now supports custom icons!
      . Auto Fill
      Sign in to websites automatically
      . Universal Search
      Launch Universal Search
      . Word Mole
      Launch World Mole

      QuickFind ver 1.2
      . Voice Turn by Turn directions
      (english only currently)
      . Compass
      Heading, Altitude and speed
      . Static Maps
      Traffic, Satellite, Terrain and Hybrid

      QL Version 3.0
      . Opera Mini Support Shortcuts
      launch websites using Opera Mini,
      . Alternate Launch Methods
      launch more apps than previously
      Border Size Option
      change menu border size
      . Background Color
      Change the bg color of the menu
      . Background Transparency
      Change menu bg transparency level
      . Screen Capture in Sys Menu
      Put screencap in the System Menu
      . Scheduled Reboots
      automatically reboot your device at a specific time
      . Options Subpage
      Shortcut to any screen in BB options
      . Larger Font Option
      New Larger Font option
      . CrunchSMS support
      Send sms from crunchSMS app
      . Password Toggle
      Turn your BB password on/off
      . Phone shortcut
      Change the bg color of the menu
      . Menu Width Option
      Expand with of the menu
      . Menu Text max length increased
      . Email Subject Header
      Specify subject header when adding email
      . QuickLaunch Function button
      includes device info, BT toggle etc
      . Check for Update
      Get updates directly from within the app
      . New Icon

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      Supported Software:
      Blackberry OS versions 7.0+, 6.0+, 5.0+, 4.5+

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QuickLaunch allows you to setup an unlimited number shortcuts to various functions such as Websites, Email, SMS and PIN addresses, Phone numbers, 3rd Party Apps, Videos, Images, Audio files, Screen Capture, Device Info, Weather, Bluetooth and WiFi Toggle, Camera and much more! In addition to these you can also launch Blackberry Options, Calculator, Calendar, Tasks and even the App Switcher. Configure a convenience key to activate QuickLaunch and when pushed a menu will pop up showing a scrollable list of your configured actions.

The QuickLaunch popup menu can be set to appear on the Right or Left side and can be shown on virtually any screen so you can perform any action without backing up and navigating through your homescreen and folders saving you time.

QuickLaunch will also improve the performance of your Blackberry by allowing you run the Memory Optimizer, Delete your call logs with one click, clear your Event Log and also perform a Device Reset (reboot). By using QuickLaunch you will be also be able to remove other apps that perform functions that are already built into QuickLaunch thus increasing the free memory on your device.

QuickLaunch does not run in the background taking up resources. QuickLaunch runs only when it’s opened allowing you to choose your previously configured shortcut, function or 3rd Party Application. Make your selection by highlighting the menu item you want and if your device has keyboard you just the desired key and your off! QuickLaunch then exits until you run it again. Find out why QuickLaunch has been the #1 selling BlackBerry App of 2009!

QuickLaunch Features
New version 4.0 features (v4 is currently available for all OS7 devices and the following OS6 devices: 9700, 9780, 9800 devices)

* Universal Search Integration
You can now add any QL item to the Universal Search Engine.

* Mobile Hotspot Toggle
If you have OS 7.1 you can quickly turn your hotspot on or off

* Larger Font Added
Added a new font size, ‘Largest’. Should be big enough for those who need a larger font.

* ~Shake Launch™~
You can now configure an app, shortcut, function or any other QL item to launch by shaking your phone.
When adding an item to QL check the ‘Set as Shake Launch Item’ option. In addition you must enable ‘Shake Detection’ in QL Options. If you are not using Shake Launch™ then set disable the shake detection option.
To use Shake Launch™ just open QL and shake!

* NFC Toggle
Toggle your NFC communication on/off

* Display Battery Status on QL Titlebar
Displays the current battery power percentage. Battery % will be displayed in Green, Orange, Red depending on status.

* Alarm and Stopwatch Shortcuts

* BB File Picker Integration
QL is now integrated with the standard bb file picker app to choose files, images, directories when configuring.

* Visual Voice Mail Shortcut
Quick access to the vvm app.

* Lock Device Shortcut
You must have your device password protected for this feature to work

* Menu Animation Options
You can now configure QL to open with animations. Choose from ‘Zoom’ and ‘Fade’.

* Alarm Toggle
Toggle the alarm on or off

* Center Menu Location Option Added
Now you can place QL in the Center, Left or Right on the screen!

* Change Sounds and Alerts Shortcut
Quick access to the ‘change sounds and alerts’ screen in Sound Profiles

* Mobile Connections All On / Off Toggle
Quickly Turn on/off all mobile connections

* Current Shortcuts button added to options screen

* Bridge App Shortcut and Bridge Toggle
You can now launch the Bridge app as well as toggle it on and off

* Time, Notifications, Battery and Signal strength
…are now shown in the titlebar in all QL screens.

* Homescreen Wallpaper Cycler
QuickLaunch can now be configured to automatically cycle your homescreen wallpaper. Choose the directory on your device for your wallpaper images, and enable the option and you’re good to go.
Unlike other wallpaper apps, the QL Wallpaper Changer does NOT run in the background.

Features avail in ALL QuickLaunch versions:

* Website Launcher
Launch your favorite websites quickly

* Speed Dialer
Add your frequently dialed numbers to QuickLaunch

* Auto Fill
Insert saved text into any app. Ideal for quickly signing into websites or email accounts

* Email, SMS and Pin address shortcuts

* 3rd Party and Blackberry Apps Launcher
Launch your favorite apps from QuickLaunch

* Camera Mute
Turn off the sound of the camera shutter (not avail on OS6 or OS7 devices)

* Orientation / Tilt Lock
Prevent your screen from switching orientation when you tilt the phone (9800 & Storm only)

* Screen Capture
Capture the screen in a high quality image (png or jpg format) with an option to email it immediately

* 3 Letter Shortcuts
assign shortcuts to 1-3 characters

* Multi-Click Launching

Launch QuickLaunch items using single, double or triple click of a convenience key!

* Web Search
Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon ,eBay, BBC, YouTube, Wikipedia, Google Images, BBC, Google News, IMDb, Dictionary, Thesaurus

* Backlight Brightness
Set the desired Backlight level of your screen.

* SMS Inbox
Quickly access your sms inbox (not avail on Storm)

* MMS Inbox
Quickly access your mms inbox

* BBM, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, Pandora, Google Talk, MSN Messenger Support

* Background Image
Skin your QuickLaunch by loading an image!

* GPS Toggle
Quickly turn your GPS on/off.

* Configurable Homescreen Hotkey
Run QL by hitting a letter on the keypad from your homescreen.

* Sound Profile Selector
Quickly select a sound profile

* Flashlight
Use your Blackberry device as a Flashlight! (uses vid cam light)

* Send Emails to Contact Groups

* Bluetooth Toggle

* WiFi On/Off Toggle
Turn your bluetooth radio on or off

* GPS Config
Shortcut to the GPS Config screen

* Display Current Temperature
You can display your local temperature (or just about any other city in the world) and Hi/Lo forecast information in the title bar.

* Device Information
PIN, OS Version, Battery Status, Memory, Media card info etc

* Stay Lit
Keep your back light on for as long as you need

* Memory Cleaner

* App Switcher

* Sound Profiles

* Launch documents such as .doc, .xls, .pdf, .ppt etc. (requires 3rd party reader)

* Browser

* Contact List

* Camera and Video Camera

* Images, Videos, Music

* Integrated Google, Wikipedia and Dictionary.com search

* Delete your Call Logs

* BlackBerry Options, Calendar, Calculator, Clock, Tasks, Maps, Lock Device, Power Off, New Memo etc

* Device Reboot

* Bluetooth Configuration

* Event Log

* Radio Toggle
Turn your Mobile Connection on / off

* Homescreen shortcut
Jump to the homescreen with one click

* Voice Notes and Voice Dialing

* Ability to change Menu Text Color

* Backup and Restore QuickLaunch configuration to SDCard or device memory for quick easy restoration

* Launch Media Explorer

* Create Custom Submenus
Organize your list in categories. You can even have submenus within submenus.

* New Appointment, Compose Email, Compose PIN, Compose SMS, New Contact, and New Task.

* Yahoo Weather

* 3 Font sizes
Small, medium and large

* System Menu Integration
This option will allow you to add QL to the BlackBerry system menu and will show ‘QuickLaunch’ in every menu on your device.

* and more!
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