QuickLaunchâ„¢ is a must have application for every Blackberry owner. QuickLaunch will create shortcuts to most any application or function with ease and style. The menu can be displayed on top of any screen so there is no more backing out of an app and navigating through folders to find icons. Quick, easy access to what you want to do wherever you are!

      QuickLaunch makes multi-tasking a breeze! I can switch from an app to a picture to a document and back to the app... just click-click-click!"

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      QuickWeather updated to v1.8 QW now supports custom icons!
      . Auto Fill
      Sign in to websites automatically
      . Universal Search
      Launch Universal Search
      . Word Mole
      Launch World Mole

      QuickFind ver 1.2
      . Voice Turn by Turn directions
      (english only currently)
      . Compass
      Heading, Altitude and speed
      . Static Maps
      Traffic, Satellite, Terrain and Hybrid

      QL Version 3.0
      . Opera Mini Support Shortcuts
      launch websites using Opera Mini,
      . Alternate Launch Methods
      launch more apps than previously
      Border Size Option
      change menu border size
      . Background Color
      Change the bg color of the menu
      . Background Transparency
      Change menu bg transparency level
      . Screen Capture in Sys Menu
      Put screencap in the System Menu
      . Scheduled Reboots
      automatically reboot your device at a specific time
      . Options Subpage
      Shortcut to any screen in BB options
      . Larger Font Option
      New Larger Font option
      . CrunchSMS support
      Send sms from crunchSMS app
      . Password Toggle
      Turn your BB password on/off
      . Phone shortcut
      Change the bg color of the menu
      . Menu Width Option
      Expand with of the menu
      . Menu Text max length increased
      . Email Subject Header
      Specify subject header when adding email
      . QuickLaunch Function button
      includes device info, BT toggle etc
      . Check for Update
      Get updates directly from within the app
      . New Icon

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      Supported Software:
      Blackberry OS versions 7.0+, 6.0+, 5.0+, 4.5+

QuickFind by NikkiSoft is a GPS application that allows you to find previously marked locations such as a parked car, landmark, or an address and is also ideal for geocaching, hiking and fishing. This app will display your location and your target location on a sonar-like display and help you navigate to the destination showing your position, direction, speed and bearing.

QuickFind has been updated to v1.2!
New Features:
* Voice Turn by Turn Directions
Audible directions to your destination can be read out aloud. Maneuvers will be spoken approx 30 seconds before you reach your next turn.
This feature is available in ENGLISH ONLY currently.

* Compass
You can now select compass mode which will display your heading, speed and altitude.
The altitude is very accurate and automatically uses the latest GEOID correction values. No need to input correction values manually.

* Static Traffic, Satellite, Terrain and Hybrid maps can now be displayed.
Static maps can be viewed with different zoom levels and markers for your current position and destination can also be optionally displayed.
(Traffic maps currently available for 33 US cities only)

* Some minor bug fixes have also been addressed.

* Locations can be added by marking your current location, entering known gps coordinates of a location or performing a lookup by entering an address or landmark such as ‘241 W. Jackson St’ or “Eiffel Tower” or “Oceanside, CA” etc.
* Locations can be mapped using Google Maps or BB Maps
* Turn by Turn directions to your destination can be displayed for driving, biking or walking routes and in 9 different languages
* When you approach your destination a configurable alert will go off. You can have several combinations of alerts such as blinking led, audio ping and vibrate.
* Option to keep your backlight on while navigating
* Information can be displayed in imperial or metric format

* Currently only available for the 9700, 9780, 9650, 9630, Torch and Storm series.

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