Purchase QuickLaunch


You can purchase QuickLaunch version 4 directly from NikkiSoft for all OS7 devices and for the following devices running OS6: 9700, 9650, 9780, 9788 and 9790 for $3.99

QuickLaunch version 4.0 for OS7 / OS6
NikkiSoft Direct Price $3.99 USD (Credit Card, Paypal or E-Check)

Or you can purchase any version of QuickLaunch (including version 4) for OS7, OS6, OS5 or OS4 from BlackBerry App World
QuickLaunch on BlackBerry App World
Price $3.99 USD


QuickWeather on BlackBerry App World

QuickWeather version 1.12 for OS7, OS6 and OS5 Devices
Price $1.99 USD


QuickFind on BlackBerry App World

QuickFind version 1 for OS5 Devices
Price $2.99 USD
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