QuickLaunchâ„¢ is a must have application for every Blackberry owner. QuickLaunch will create shortcuts to most any application or function with ease and style. The menu can be displayed on top of any screen so there is no more backing out of an app and navigating through folders to find icons. Quick, easy access to what you want to do wherever you are!

      QuickLaunch makes multi-tasking a breeze! I can switch from an app to a picture to a document and back to the app... just click-click-click!"

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      QuickWeather updated to v1.8 QW now supports custom icons!
      . Auto Fill
      Sign in to websites automatically
      . Universal Search
      Launch Universal Search
      . Word Mole
      Launch World Mole

      QuickFind ver 1.2
      . Voice Turn by Turn directions
      (english only currently)
      . Compass
      Heading, Altitude and speed
      . Static Maps
      Traffic, Satellite, Terrain and Hybrid

      QL Version 3.0
      . Opera Mini Support Shortcuts
      launch websites using Opera Mini,
      . Alternate Launch Methods
      launch more apps than previously
      Border Size Option
      change menu border size
      . Background Color
      Change the bg color of the menu
      . Background Transparency
      Change menu bg transparency level
      . Screen Capture in Sys Menu
      Put screencap in the System Menu
      . Scheduled Reboots
      automatically reboot your device at a specific time
      . Options Subpage
      Shortcut to any screen in BB options
      . Larger Font Option
      New Larger Font option
      . CrunchSMS support
      Send sms from crunchSMS app
      . Password Toggle
      Turn your BB password on/off
      . Phone shortcut
      Change the bg color of the menu
      . Menu Width Option
      Expand with of the menu
      . Menu Text max length increased
      . Email Subject Header
      Specify subject header when adding email
      . QuickLaunch Function button
      includes device info, BT toggle etc
      . Check for Update
      Get updates directly from within the app
      . New Icon

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      Supported Software:
      Blackberry OS versions 7.0+, 6.0+, 5.0+, 4.5+
  • “QuickLaunch is to the storm what the storm is to RIM: Revolutionary.”

  • “I think this is one of those apps that once you use it, you don’t know how you got along without it. I paid the small fee for this app and am very happy with what it does and how it does it. There was a lot of thought and testing put into this application. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. Thanks for the great software.”

  • “I figured that all the hype was worth a five spot to see if it was all it was said to be. I will tell you that this is the most useful app I have ever purchased for any phone I have owned. I have all of my frequently called numbers on it as well as all the email and SMS contacts. Simple one click operation. For me, launching apps isnt the selling feature of this program; it’s all of the other stuff that makes it for me. A+”

  • As a Police Officer, I can say that this is the best app I have seen. I can quickly launch everything within this mode and the native mode. I created a short cut with the left side button on the curve then all I do is press the letter to load any application and/or to perform a function such a an email to a specific person. Very effective and a huge time saver. For those that like to be extremely efficient, your crazy if you don’t download this app.

  • Want to obtain the best, most productive App for a Blackberry? QuickLaunch is it pure & simple. Everytime I receive notice of an upgrade, the improvements never cease to amaze me. From sub menus to expanded App navigation to an incredible Bluetooth enabling function, the performance, convenience, and usefulness of this application makes my phone a joy to use. It wouldn’t surprise me if I utilize QL 15 times a day. An incredible time saver, shortcut execution….just makes your life a little easier. To summarize, tech support is incredible at Nikkisoft, the app keeps getting better and better, and its my opinion that Rim should equip all its phones with QL.

  • The most useful app per dollar out there, on sale or at full price. Shaves multitudes of scrolling and clicking to make BB use far more efficient, and personalized. Allows for “QL shortcuts” to be grafted alongside “native BB shortcuts,” streamlining things further with many, many ways to customize. Only app to date I’ve bought for others. Gave 4 stars rather than 5 to leave room for “closer to perfection” in updates/upgrades (fairly or otherwise). Customer service is also quick and to the point. A pleasure to write my first (and only) review for!

  • One of the best apps IMHO! Integrates with the BlackBerry OS very well and adds some great functionality on qwerty BB’s and is a must for the Storm! And the developer keeps pushing out updates/upgrades

  • Best $4.99 I have ever spent. I purchased this product last night and easily downloaded it to my Blackberry curve 8330. RIM should include this with every Blackberry sold. Makes finding and launching apps. a lot easier. A must have for all Blackberry users!

  • This app has allowed me to have a ton of apps without clutter and ease of finding the ones I use most. You can create new folders in the pop-up AND even nest the folders (create sub folders, like “games” or “BB Utilities” or “Entertainment”) to find things fast and keep everything clean. I’ve hidden some of my desktop icons since they’re in QL. It’s colors are customizable and work with your themes. I’ve assigned it to my convenience key and it’s made life much easier – a lot like the Windows “Start Menu” but cleaner and easier to customize. I wouldn’t be able to find anything without this, and no worries with changing themes and not recognizing the new icons since I olny use a select few now!

  • “As advertised, it makes everything easier. Thank you, QuickLaunch!”

  • “Themes? Who needs themes? I have QuickLaunch and it gives me everything I need at a touch of a button!”

  • “This application should be standard on all blackberries”

  • “I’m spending less time searching for my applications & more time using them.”

  • “QuickLaunch allows me to better use my BlackBerry Storm as the productivity tool it was designed to be. This should have come standard. Great job NikkiSoft!”

  • “Finally a solution to my business multitasking needs. I can access most all features of my phone with just a few clicks!”

  • “Great user interface. Easy to use and easier to get to where I want to go.”

  • “QL makes multi tasking a breeze! I can switch from an app to a picture to a document and back to the app; just click-click-click!”

  • “This is a great app. Every 3rd party app I have tried loaded just fine. Great job to all involved.”

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